Musikkoperatørene – all Norwegian music,  since 1995

We have a remarkable roster of labels and artists in all genres and are proud to be Norways biggest independent distributor. Starting out as a jazz , folk and classical distributor we have high quality labels in all those genres, in addition to very interesting labels releasing pop, rock, noise and modern improvised music, a lot with the distinctive Nordic sound in common.  We aim high and want to reach out to all corners of the world so please don’t hesitate to make contact if you’re interested in distributing our labels in your territory. Find out more about our releases in our weekly/monthly newsletter.

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For further inquires please contact: 

Export manager Tomas Linnes

mail: tl@musikkoperatorene.no
Office phone: +47 23 31 01 25 : cell: +47 97097209 

Please check our labels homepages and catalogues.

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